Mother’s Day

by | Mar 10, 2024 | Blog

Here are a few words of mine to bring comfort to those who may be marking Mather’s Day in their own unique way.

In the gentle embrace of Mother’s Day’s light,
We honour the mothers who guide us through night.
Their love, like a beacon, forever will stay,
In every heartbeat, in every single day.

For some, it’s a celebration, a joyous affair,
With laughter and memories, love in the air.
But for others, it’s bittersweet, tinged with pain,
As they navigate Mother’s Day in their own unique lane.

For those who have lost, their hearts may still ache,
Yet in memories cherished, they find solace to take.
For those who yearn to be mothers, their journey unclear,
Their love and longing remain ever sincere.

In every story, every tear, every smile,
In every struggle, every mile,
Mother’s Day is more than just cards and flowers,
It’s a tapestry woven with diverse powers.

To all who mark this day in their own special way,
Know that your feelings, your truth, they do weigh.
For in honouring all the shades of this day,
We find unity in our own unique array.

– Gareth taylor

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